Global Goals Model United Nations

“Youth Perspective on Sustainable Development Goals: The Way Forward”

Ignite your future through Model United Nations and meet 700 amazing youths from across the globe.

14th - 17th March 2020
Bangkok, Thailand

Hey there! Do you feel like...

icon problem

Battling your introverted side?

You find it hard to overcome your anxiety when meeting new people.

icon problem

Lacking in confidence?

You often get cold feet issue and stutter when speaking in public.

icon problem

Doing the same old same old?

You find it hard to overcome your anxiety when meeting new people.

icon problem

Living someone else’s dream?

You always get stuck in the circle you know you don’t really belong.

icon problem

Dreading your own future?

You get somewhat scared that you won’t succeed in life.

If you think you’re feeling one or all of the above… Don’t worry. Keep reading to find the solution!

Valerie Young, an internationally-recognized expert on impostor syndrome and author of the award-winning book said in one of her TED NYC Idea Search that the best cure for this issue is actually simple: stop thinking like an impostor!

If you’re ready to embrace a better version of yourself, you might want to take part in Global Goals Model United Nations, your perfect platform for self-development, knowledge improvement, and network advancement.

Previous of Global Goals
Model United Nations


Take part in Global Goals Model United 4.0 today to taste the experience of life-altering moments!

Aimed to engage young leaders from all over the world, GGMUN provides a platform where you can also share your perspectives and opinions about The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while building your dream network.

We invite and dare you to join the family and own this life-changing journey! It’s your turn to become part of a better future with 300+ youths from across the world!

Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN)
will give you the experience of:

Breaking free from impostor syndrome

Relieving your fear of public speaking

Enhancing essential soft skills (leadership, negotiation, diplomacy skills)

Meeting new and cool friends from all over the world

Widening your horizon regarding current global issues

Having international exposure where you can be who you really are

Knowing that your voice matters

Pursuing success through global activities

Are you feeling hyped up already? Wait until you acknowledge the testimonies from our Alumni!

"It was the very first time I ever joined a MUN, and I got really great experiences throughout the event. I was actually very pleased to get to know all delegates at Global Goals Model United Nations conference. I’m glad we could share our knowledge, insights and willingness to create a brighter world."

"I joined GGMUN because one of the delegates, my friend, told me to register for it. I knew nothing, expected nothing and just wanted to try it for fun. After the event, all I could say was that the 4 days spent in Malaysia with everyone was super worth it; every single moment of it."

"I did not only learn about my assigned country’s policies, I also made new friends and met so many beautiful people from various countries around the world. I was extremely grateful to be part of this event. “The memories made here will forever remain with me,” I thought in elation."

Delegate Requirement

Enrolled in High School or University Students or graduated or enrolled in International Organizations or Institutions or Companies with the age ranging from 17-25 years old. We encourage all people from different backgrounds to apply for GGMUN 4.
Global Goals MUN (GGMUN) welcomes youth between the ages of 17 and 25 years old from all over the world who want to have experience in Model United Nations or have high interest in global affairs and SDGs to be the delegates of GGMUN 4.

Now, get ready to jump on the bandwagon!

Rundown of Global Goals MUN 4.0

You can download Rundown here!

Global Goals MUN 4.0 Venue

Prince Palace Hotel

Address :
488/800 BoBae Tower Damrongrak Road, Klong Mahanak, Pomprab, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

Total Aplicants

Seats Left

Delgates Quota

Are you a youth leader who can't wait for sustainable development?
Let's take part in GGMUN 4.0!

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