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Global Goals Model United Nations 3.0






Single Application

You are the only representative. You have to prepare everything related to the conference on your own such as creating position paper, negotiating and debating.

Group Delegation Application

If you and your school/organization/group want to be part of an exciting MU conference, we kindly invite to apply for delegation

Group Delegation Scheme

Note :

  1. Every delegation must have a nominated Ambassador or Head of Delegation. 
  2. Every delegate must be assigned to a specific forum. 
  3. Max 4 delegates for each forum.

Group Delegation Rules

For changes to the delegation after an application has been submitted:

Head of Delegation is required to send the changes to [email protected] along with the details of the delegate. Our secretariat will be glad to help.

Other Matters:
  1. Conference fees for additional delegate(s) is based on the period of the types of payment they registered for. For instance, if the delegation registered in the early bird payment period while the additional delegate(s) registered in the normal payment period, the additional delegate will be charged with normal payment fee, not the early bird fee. There will also be an extra USD20 administrative fee per additional delegate.
  2. For any changes made following the acknowledgment of registration, we will charge an admin fee of USD10.
For add new delegate after an application has been submitted:
  1. Every additional delegate should register as Single Delegate.
  2. Head of delegation should inform the secretariat by sending an email to [email protected] with the detail of the new delegate
  3. We will contact the registered delegation via the head delegate to confirm the addition before proceeding to add the new delegate(s) to the delegation.
  4. The additional delegate(s) should receive an acknowledgement email regarding payment procedure.
  5. These additional delegates should follow the payment instructions provided


Applicants over age 25 should apply as an observer to attend Global Goals MUN. Observer can be a mentor/advisor from delegates’ school/university who would like to gain access to the conference, accommodations, and any other Conference Plus (Opening & Closing Ceremony) services.

Observer is a non-delegate participant, but they can obtain MUN experience and learn how MUN conference is being conducted in general.

Observer Procedure

  • The Observer will get entry to 7 committee session with rolling system and the opening also closing ceremony.
  • Maximum number of Observer per forum is 8 people.
  • The Observer will only be able to observe the meeting session without involved in the debate and the motion.
  • At the break, the observer is able to share and mingling with the Chair, Co-chair and the delegates.
  • The Observer shouldn’t interrupt the general flow of the meeting session.
  • The Observer will get the same facilities as the delegate.
  • Observer minimum age is above 25 years old.
  • Maximum age for the observer is 60 years old.
  • The Registrant of Observer age 17-25 will be allocated and preferred to become delegates rather than the observer.
  • The Observer obliged to follow all the term and conditions also rules of procedure of GGMUN 3.0.