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Sometimes it’s hard for the majority of parents to trust their kids with freedom. Even if they do, they would still send a text or make a phone call every passing hour, if not minutes.

Does that happen to you? How do you feel about such protectiveness?
Hold your horses before you inwardly say, “My parents are just too much. I’m travelling abroad for MUN conference, not a wild yacht party!”

You don’t have to be mad at or feel annoyed by them. Your parents are just wary about letting you sail to the uncharted water that may resulted in you getting devoured by sea monsters. Scary, isn’t it? Well, at least to your parents!

In order to be allowed to travel, not to mention abroad and for Model United Nations conference, you need to prepare the most convincing remarks.

Discovering what scares your parents to let their kids go and reassuring them with your knowledge about model united nations, your destination country, and all accommodation provided by the organizer might be a great idea.

Nevertheless, however clever that idea sounds to you, it may not be sufficient to make your parents put their trust in you. Do you think this keeps getting complicated? Yes, it does!

In all honesty, there’s no absolute way to convince your parents, but you can try telling them the truth, let them know your true motivation at going abroad — that you’re travelling with benefit; having fun whilst learning how to solve world issues with people from across the globe.

So, how you should play the game?

We believe that a heart-to-heart conversation is one of the best ways to convey your motivation in joining an international MUN conference, in short, try using persuasive approach.

But, how a heart-to-heart talk should start?

Find the the right timing

First up, you don’t need “the right time”. The only thing you need is the right timing. What distinguishes the two? Well, the right timing can be created, whilst the right time leans heavily on what the universe decides for you, a fate.

Don’t talk out your intention when your parents are just back from work, especially if the look on their faces signaling exhaustion. JUST DON’T!

Tell your motivation when they’re off-work, looking bright, or having light conversation with you whilst watching movies and munching popcorn.

That way, they won’t come off as tense and would be more likely to allow you to travel abroad for MUN. This is how you say it:

    “Mum/Dad, I think it’s time for me to be an impact for the world. I want to be a changemaker. I’m not talking about marching out on the street holding a democratic-message poster or becoming an activist, at least not yet. I recently discovered an international conference where I got to voice out my knowledge and my opinion to create a better future. I know that global issues happen for we ignore to discuss things diplomatically. Therefore, I want to join this Model United Nations conference; an academic simulation of the real United Nations’ assembly in which my leadership, negotiation, critical-thinking, writing, and diplomatic skills are sharpened and being put to the test. I can also make new friends from around the world who long for change as well — a network of great-minded people. In brief, I’ll be able to grow and try to become a good global citizen through this MUN.”

How does that sound? Was that pretty convincing? Not really? Let’s check out the next example!

    “I want to get out of my comfort zone, Mum/Dad. My being holed up in this city, even country, isn’t healthy. I long to go out there, meeting new people who have the same mission, changing the world for the better. I saw this model united nations conference ad, and I was greatly intrigued by it. This simulation of real UN’s assembly seems like the perfect platform where I got to speak out my notions and learn to listen as well as be considerate to others’ opinion. This world needs peaceful discussion, Mum/Dad. What we lack is understanding. I want to sow that seed on everyone’s mind at this MUN conference.”

What? You don’t feel like that remark was potent to melt away your parents’ hearts? Alright, try this last instance from us!

    “Don’t you think we need to seek for higher purpose in life, Mum/Dad? I had an epiphany that humans would soon become monsters, devouring each other. You know what the only thing that could soften a monster’s heart in a lot of action or superhero movies? Compassion. Spreading love is as critical as saving up money for a stable future. I want to be one of the agents of change. I want to make people learn why compassion is essential in today’s world. We already have a lot on our plate, we don’t need hate to add it to the table. This platform I just discovered offers tons of beneficial things I require for a chance at speaking out my insights. The name is Model United Nations; it’s like a simulation of UN’s assembly. I got to network and spread the love and unite with people from across the globe to muster the best resolution. I believe any parents would be proud of their kids when they join this conference. I’m also going to compete and bring an award home, Mum/Dad!”

No more looking for the right time, all right? Find the right timing and put our instances above to the test! Who knows? You may find the best formulation amongst them!

You can choose one or mix-and-match the three instances. However, bear in mind that there’s no absolute way. The first example may be a success to you but not others. Creativity is a must in a persuasive approach. On top of all, be sincere. Your parents could see through your motivation.

Lying is strictly prohibited!

You don’t want to get reprimanded and punished for the sake of traveling abroad, do you?

The key of the first point here is not merely about the right timing but sincerity as well.

Show immense determination to persuade your parents

Emily Peisker, a Model UN aficionado from Texas, said this about her experience in MUN: “My main reason for joining the MUN team was to be able to travel to new countries and make friends with people from all over the world, all while experiencing an unfamiliar culture. The added bonus of brushing up on geopolitics and familiarizing myself with current events outside of the United States was a plus, and completely necessary to having a successful time at the conference.”

Next up! Aside of the right timing topped with sincerity, you need the trait which is required by any living creature on this planet:


Showing this one trait to your parents could help move their hearts into letting you go abroad for MUN conference.

Do you still remember all three instances we have expounded earlier? Well, if you happen to forget them, just go back and re-read!

The examples we gave to you won’t succeed if you lack determination. Your parents would down-straight detect either you want to be a true future leader or solely looking to spend a few days without rules and monitoring.

The thing is, how to conjure up that determination as willingness alone isn’t adequate to convince your parents?

Find your inner motivation then set a mission!

Take into consideration that there’ll be a chance your parents won’t acquiesce to the whole “becoming an impact and changing the world for the better” idea.

Hold up! We know your instant reaction must be like, “But why won’t they? This is a Model United Nations conference! I’m doing a good activity.”

The answer is simple, they might think you’re still too young for such massive and complex goal, or… they’re just too concerned; thinking that doing a good deed or activity doesn’t require their kids to go abroad, particularly with the absence of their presence.

This is where your determination plays a big role!

Pour out your sincere determination in joining Model United Nations conference using one of the three instances above. Practice your remark, but don’t make it sound like robotic sentences.

Let every word flows naturally, express your immense interest from the bottom of your heart, state things in a matter-of-fact way but take heed, the key is: don’t be pushy!

Show a positive ambition to convince parents

Another aspect that could be used to convince your parents into letting you travel abroad for a MUN conference namely, AMBITION.

No, don’t think ambition as a negative word; it may sound a bit strong, but some, if not a lot of people, do have ambitious traits. You can even be ambitious without noticing!

If you’re a sucker for awards, and you know it makes your parents proud of you, then by all means, tell them that you’re going to win an award at a Model United Nations conference!

To them, there’s no greater pleasure than seeing you with such flaming spirit, conquering the floor of the conference like a mighty warrior going to a battlefield.

You don’t have to be concerned about failing; your parents are aware of that prospect, all you need to do is put the best effort. Even if you fail, you don’t have to be ashamed for not fulfilling your promise; winning is one thing, learning is everything!

Remind yourself that being ambitious doesn’t mean you have to win all the time.

Being able to get your parents’ permission, attend Model United Nations conference, present yourself and valuable opinion before people from around the world are already an accomplishment!

Winning an award is merely an icing of the cake.

The real cake is the process; how you undergo the journey from start to end.

Give your parents assurance

Last but not least, another aspect that could win your parents’ hearts into letting you go abroad for Model United Nations conference is a summary of the things we just mentioned a few sentences or paragraphs earlier.


It’s an indisputable fact that joining Model United Nations conference helps with self-improvement. However, your parents will only let you go if they know you will come back in one piece.

Every Model United Nations conference provides fundamental accommodation such as airport assistance for arrival and departure, hotel, meals 3 times per day, dedicated liaison officer, and basic health-care.

Make sure your parents acknowledge the accommodation you’re going to receive once you join a MUN conference. This has big impact. Don’t take it too lightly! You won’t get their permission, unless they’re educated with the facilities that the organizer provides.

You know how extreme parents can be when it comes to the safety of their kids, right?

To the majority of them, giving financial support for the activity you desire is as easy as flipping the back of their hands, but giving permission for something that they’re not certain how the safety of their kids can be guaranteed is as difficult as finding a needle in the pile of hays.

You might think they act too over the top. You might think they are too much.

That you’re a grown-up teenager or young adult who can protect themselves.

Well, we just want to tell you this: what if you were in their shoes?

No parents would allow harm comes near their kids. You’d also do the same thing when you’re like them and know how to be one.

Your parents are protective…

for the sake of your safety.

Your parents are protective…

because they love you too flipping much.

Don’t let your ego or hormones get the best of you. Think of how they would feel should something unpleasant happens to you; how dejected they would be should they know that you’re going abroad only to avoid their protective nature.

At the end of the day, the one thing your parents require into letting you travel abroad for any occasion, in this case, for Model United Nations, is assurance.

Yes, you need the right timing and sincerity before conveying your intention.

Yes, you got to have a strong determination in your remarks yet not be too pushy simultaneously.

Yes, you need to utilize the perks of being ambitious.

Above all, you need to give assurance.

By knowing the accommodation provided by the organizer, the likes of people you’re going to meet there, and the benefits that are useful for self-improvement, your parents would feel less anxious.

Most importantly, tell your parents that they can trust you, that you won’t take the freedom they bestow for granted—promise not to let them down.

Good luck winning your parents’ permission!