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Global Goals Model United Nations 3.0

Board of Secretary


Board of Directors


Shevinu Mithushaal Athulathmudali


The Message from Secretary General

It is my distinct honour to cordially invite you to Global Goals Model United Nations 3.0 to be held in Thailand from the 4th of October to the 7th of October 2019. Model United Nations (MUN) is truly the training ground for the leaders of tomorrow. It is the steps that you take today as leaders and diplomats which will shape the future generations.

Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN) 3.0 is a unique platform for young leaders from across the globe to come up with timely solutions for heated issues at hand in the heart of Thailand. Not being limited to economy, security, human rights, environment and social issues, GGMUN 3.0 will focus on delivering a unique experience for the delegates where they will be constantly challenged and asked to think on their feet strategically.

During my first time sitting in an MUN committee back in 2012, I was panic-stricken and refused to put my placard up. However, after the initial “ice breaker” was complete, I did not want to put my placard down. For us at GGMUN 3.0, if every delegate can do that, then we believe that the conference is a definite success. Do not give up and keep trying until you attain your final goal.

I encourage all delegates to actively contribute during committee sessions, make friends from different countries & ethnicities and lobby with your fellow delegates to make this an unforgettable experience.
As the great Mahatma Gandhi once stated- “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
See you in Thailand!

Shevinu Athulathmudali


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