Global Goals Model United Nations

Frequently Ask and Question


If I cannot attend GGMUN, can I get a refund?

No registration fee is entitled a refund. This is because we have already paid for a lot of our venues based on the number of people that already paid. However, if you are unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances that met with the Terms and Conditions we can consider the refund.


If I get hurt or my belongings gets lost or damaged at GGMUN, who is responsible?

While we do our utmost to ensure GGMUN runs smoothly, we cannot guarantee to have your lost items/belongings. We can keep the items/belongings that are founded by our committees, but outside of our reach is your responsibility to keep your values safe. If you are sick or injured during GGMUN our delegates relations team will help you to provide your medicine. However, it is wiser to bring your personal medicine.

Do you take photograph at GGMUN, can we have official documentation during GGMUN?

We do take photographs and video footage at GGMUN, you can get the official documentations at maximum 7 days after GGMUN end. By applying as delegates in GGMUN, you agree that having your photograph taken and license to use your image or video for publicity and promotion of GGMUN and future conference. We will not sell or license the documentaries to 3rd parties for commercial purposes.
If you are having a problem of your photos or videos included in our official publicity or publication you can email us at : [email protected]


Do you cover my flight?

The flight ticket is not included in the program fee. However, you can get 25% off by using our referral code from our airline partners.

My parents asking me who is the top authority and name of him/her plus his/her contact

The Substance Manager of GGMUN this year is Ms. Rima Widyasari. You can reach her at [email protected]

Cho Eunsaem from Republic of Korea just registered on GGMUN 4.0