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“Youth Perspective on Sustainable Development Goals: The Way Forward”

Thank you for more than 17.853 registrants of Global Goals MUN IV.

Due to the COVID-19 breakdown, the committee has decided to move the date of Global Goals MUN 4.0 which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

New Date of Global Goals MUN 4.0 :
25-28 September 2021
Registrants Update Today
Registrants Update Today

700 quota - (52%)


We know things are going to an unfavourable direction. However, this postponement doesn’t come without some good news!

In the midst of uncertainty, we will provide you an Online MUN Training Session that can help you craft better preparation prior to joining Global Goals MUN 4.

We realized, here are the things that usually hinder youths, particularly first-timers, from doing their best MUN?

Lack of basic knowledge of MUN

Fear of public speaking

Lack of preparation, research, etc

Unable to negotiate properly

You don’t want to feel that way anymore, don’t you? Now, let’s put this opportunity to good use and spend your quarantine with valuable activities that can surely boost your daily productivity with us!

The New Normal Will Come. Let’s prepare your schedule start from now


Second chance does not come twice!

Second chance does not come twice!

Cho Eunsaem from Republic of Korea just registered on GGMUN 4.0