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Thank you for former delegates who already submitted your best story to us. Each and every story was incredibly heartening to read! Thank you again, you have become our big family and this memory must be cherished forever.

I am very grateful to be part of this event. I have met so many beautiful people and gain new experiences. Thank you so much once again for making this event. I will be forever thankful for the new people I have known and the friendships I got from this event. I wish we could inspire so many youngsters to take a part in finding the best solutions for our world.” – Meigy Siwabessy

It has been an honor to be part of the GGMUN 2019. It was the first ever MUN that I have attended and I have learned so much about the UN and the SDGs, developed my public speaking skills, worked in collaboration with others so as to come up with realistic solutions and made so many friends from different parts of the world. The speeches given on the opening night were so powerful and inspiring, the meeting sessions were informative, lively and interactive, the hotel service was outstanding, the city tour was entertaining and the performances of all the delegates left us in awe. This has been an amazing experience for me too and it was truly a privilege to be a delegate of GGMUN 2019.” Manaswini Bhudoye

We might have different religions, different languages, different color-skin, but we all belong to 1 human race” Suhaiman Sablani

“Ever since its establishment in 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals has been one of the most important frameworks for every agent of change all over the world to contribute for a better world. Global goals MUN, with its substantive excellence, is one of if not the best way to understand these SDG’s. I have experienced this MUN and I have to say this MUN gave me unexplained amazing experience correlated to the 17 Global Goals.” – Ariel Tandian

“It was indeed a great experience for me at GGMUN2019. I learnt so much about the policies of other countries, and together we were able to bring about the best resolutions to global issues. I also made new friends and I met so many beautiful people from various countries around the world. I am most grateful to have been a part of this event, the memories made here will forever remain with me. I am determined to continue being a change-maker, and I also encourage other youths around the globe to take part in making our world a brighter place. Thank you Global Goals Model United Nations 2019! Keep up the good work!” – Theresa Towechi Onwuchekwa

“This has been a breathtaking experience for me to be able to learn from not only the sessions but also from the people who came. It was amazing. Have I been challenged? Yes. Am I going to do something about the current situation in my country to make it better and sustainable? Yes. Will I engage more in GGMUN forums? Of course, yes. This has been a one in a million impact for me.” Polly Okore

“This was my first time to join MUN and I felt so blessed. Met the experts and friends around the world. It opened my mind and saw how the others see about the world’s issues. Best time for me and unforgettable.” Leon D

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