Global Goals
Model United Nation

Friday 11 January – Monday 14 January 2019

Sunway Putra Hotel
Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Let’s Realize 17 Global Goals for a Brighter World

Connect with the Best Youth from over 30 Countries in a Week


Global Goals Model United Nations aimed to provide a platform for young future diplomats to encourage themselves in understanding global issues and its policies.

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2nd Global MUN is crafted for Change Maker Like You

We believe that the world now need more youth to bring positive impact. As you usually see and feel in your daily routine, the world is now facing a lot of problem that cannot be fixed, unless we fight for it together.

(Something Organization) declares that there are 17 global goals to achieve in order to make living in this only earth ideal. And you, with another youth, might be the way to make it happen.

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You will not only connect with awesome youth, but you can explore the great things within this event.

Understanding and Deepening Magnificent Malaysia’s Rich Culture.

Malaysia is gifted with various races and culture, it’s a mix of Malay, Chinese, Hindi, etc.

Present your paper, spread the ideas inside, and get awarded.

Remember, great positive changes always start with a paper of simple idea.

Being a Purposeful youth that bring some of 17 global goals coming true.

Yes you can pick up to 3 goals that you want to focus in, then collaborate with another youth

Amazing and Beautiful Places are ready for your inspirational feed and timeline.

Make your experience here worth to share and drive people to do great things too

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

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City Tour*

You will be able to refresh your mind by visiting great places in Malaysia. It's one of the many fun you will get during the event.

Meals 3 times/day*

You don't have to worry about the meals during conference because we will cover them 3 times a day during the conference.

Airport Assistance*

We will provide airport-hotel transportation for the delegates' arrival and departure. Enjoy transportation to venue.

What Previous Delegates Enjoy For

There were 370 Delegates of 4024 Registrants chosen to join this event. Fortunattely, This time we open the opportunities for 1000 delegates only. Don’t Miss your chance, again.

I participated at the 2018 Global Goals MUN, Malaysia as a delegate of the committee of the 5th goal: Gender Equality. Global Goals MUN in one word, it would be “confidence”. Great opportunity to learn from experienced people that make a positive change in the world. However, learning does not undermine having fun, in fact, this was also a chance to go sightseeing, meet people from all around the world. Valeria Duque

Gender Equality, Colombia

It was a pleasure to be part of this GGMUN 2018. Each delegates presented tremendous skill and conduct the speech in a professional way. Every issue was addressed efficiently and got the solution confidently. Last but not least, I, Jennifer, just wanted to personally say a huge thank you for this experience and your team did to make this MUN run so well. You all were INCREDIBLE!! Jennifer

Climate Action, Indonesia

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some most asked questions about GGMUN for you

How to Register for GGMUN?

You can fill in the registration form by clicking the “REGISTER NOW” button on our website.

How can I get a sponsorship?

We don’t provide any scholarship for GGMUN. But, here are some proven & most used tips and tricks to get sponsorship:

    Prepare the required documents such as proposal, Letter of Acceptance, and Application Letter along with your needed fund. The application letter should consist of your background in joining the event, goals, reasons why you are choosing those companies, then state the benefits for both parties between you and the company.

    Look for companies/institutions that offer sponsorship to events or activities similar to yours.

    Create a list of potential sponsors.

    Research every company/institution or person on your list.

    Contact the potential companies/institutions and make a good communication with them.

    Send the whole documents.

    Define the deadline and follow up.

Note: Make sure you don’t input proposal only to a single company/institution. Good Luck!

Can I get a sponsorship from GGMUN if I get selected?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any scholarship or financial support. However, if you get selected, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance & Proposal. It might help you to find a sponsorship.

We suggest that you apply sponsorship to your University.

First Come First Served?
First come, first served. What does it mean? As you have already known, we have several goals you can choose to be part of. In the registration phase, you can choose 3 goals and 3 countries for each goal as your preference. Nevertheless, those who served by paying first, get the seat they desired the most; you’ll be choosing these options when you register. After the payment, we will see if your chosen options are still available. If your first choice is full, then you will be placed to the second option. If the second option is also full, you will be placed to the third option, and if the seats of your chosen goals are full, the Chair will have to place you to the goal wherein the seat is still available. Therefore, the faster you book your place and make a payment, the bigger your chance of getting the goal and the country that you’d love to represent the most.
How to proceed with the payment?

You have to choose the payment type on payment page.

Fill in your billing details such as; your name, e-mail address, phone number and address. Click on the “Place Order” button, then choose the method of your payment.

The USD currency will be converted to IDR. Don’t mind it. The currency will be the same.

What should I do after I get selected?

The next step is fulfilling the payment via this link: (link) afterwards you will get your goal and country allocation in 3 days, then you’ll have to send the documents that have been informed in the Letter of Acceptance.

I chose full accommodation, can I get airport assistance 1 day before the event?

Unfortunately, you can’t. We only provide airport assistance based on the schedule. If the delegates arrived after/before the given time, the delegates will have to go to the venue on their own and the expenses will not be covered by the committee.





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